Remote Invigilation

Remote Invigilation is the monitoring of a candidate sitting an on-screen test, from a remote location. Remote Invigilation utilises a computer/laptop webcam and microphone to monitor/record the individual, as well as monitoring what is happening on the individual’s screen.


Our Record and Review Remote Invigilation Service allows assessment to be carried out at a candidate’s home (or other chosen location) without an invigilator in the same room. Our Remote Invigilation Service supports centres to plan and manage assessments at a time that suits both candidate and centre.


Our Remote Invigilation Service is available for the following assessments:

  • C00/1238/5 WJEC Level 2 Children's Care, Play, Learning and Development: Core (MCQ)
  • C00/0724/6 Essential Application of Number Skills - Level 1 (Confirmatory Test)
  • C00/0724/7 Essential Application of Number Skills – Level 2 (Confirmatory Test)
  • C00/0724/8 Essential Application of Number Skills - Level 3 (Confirmatory Test)
  • C00/0724/9 Essential Communication Skills - Level 1 (Confirmatory Test)
  • C00/0725/0 Essential Communication Skills - Level 2 (Confirmatory Test)
  • C00/0725/2 Essential Communication Skills - Level 3 (Confirmatory Test)

Remote Invigilation is an additional option for taking onscreen tests and does not replace the ability to take these tests face to face in centre.


If you are a centre interested in finding out more about remote invigilation, please have a read through our Centre Guide first and then contact our e-assessment team for an informal discussion.