E-Submission is the process of submitting candidates' work in an electronic format for moderation or assessment. We use Surpass and/or IAMIS (our Internal Assessment Mark Input System), which are secure, web-based platforms for this process.

Centre personnel responsible for electronic submission of NEA marks will require access to IAMIS, which is now via the new Portal login(All services > Examinations and Assessment > Internal Assessment/Marks Outcomes).

To find out which system your subject uses please refer to your subject page or the subject guides below.

> E-Submission Process (Surpass) - Subject Guide

> E-Submission (IAMIS upload) - Subject Guide

  • Surpass
  • IAMIS Upload
For general guidance on the e-Submission process please use our FAQ tool in the bottom right of the screen. If you still require help you can contact the team by: e-mail: e-submission@wjec.co.uk or Telephone: 02922 404 310