Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales

Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales Sub-skills Consultation


The new Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales qualification will support learners to develop skills in: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Planning and Organisation, Creativity and Innovation and Personal Effectiveness.


We have broken each of these skills down into a set of sub-skills. Learners taking the qualification will be assessed on their application of each of these sub-skills through the completion of three distinct Projects.


This consultation is your opportunity to let us know your views of the sub-skills and the extent to which they will support the learners to develop and demonstrate their application of the four Skills.


The consultation will run from Monday 10th January until Sunday 23rd January.


Access the consultation here.


Overview of the new Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales qualification


The new Advanced Skills Baccalaureate Wales qualification will be based on key decisions that came out of Qualification Wales’ consultation:

  • The current Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate will be withdrawn with the final award of the qualification in Summer 2024.
  • A new Level 3 qualification will be introduced to replace the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate. Available to learners from September 2023, awarded for the first time in Summer 2025.
  • The new qualification will be equivalent in size and demand to an A Level and will be graded A*-E.
  • The new qualification will be available as a standalone qualification that can be taken alongside other general and vocational qualifications as part of a diverse programme of learning.

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