E-Submission is the process of submitting candidates' work in an electronic format for moderation or assessment. We use Surpass, a secure, web-based platform for this process.


This section provides information regarding our e-submission platform. It provides essential guidance and updates for centres who use e-submission, which subjects must be submitted by e-submission and a video overview of the process.



Essential guidance regarding the e-submission process and subject requirements


E-submission Process - Centre Guide 2019-2020

E-submission Process - Subject Guide 2019-2020

E-submission Newsletter 2019-2020 (February)



E-submission resources to support centres


February Internal Assessment Checklist

February External Assessment Checklist



Surpass Websites


Exams Officers - Surpass System (to access key codes)

Teachers - Surpass Upload Portal (to upload work)



An overview to e-submission





For general guidance for the e-submission process please contact:

e-Mail: e-submission@wjec.co.uk


Tel: 02922 404 310

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Which subjects use the e-submission process?


E-submission subjects for 2019/20 can be found in our newsletter. Please refer to the E-submission Process - Subject Guide to find your subject's specific requirements.