GCSE French - Teaching from 2025

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Teaching: Sep 2025
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The GCSE French qualification will support the Curriculum for Wales by:

  • Supporting the statements of what matters, giving learners the opportunity to:
    • ensure that knowledge and skills in one language are transferred to and developed in other languages
    • develop their understanding, empathy and their ability to respond and to mediate effectively
    • use languages in order to be effective as they interact, explore ideas, express viewpoints, knowledge and understanding
    • provide them with literary experiences that can engage them as listeners, viewers, readers, narrators and creators.
  • Supporting the principles of progression by giving learners the opportunity to:
  • build on their linguistic skills
    • grow holistically in their understanding and purposeful use of languages, literacy and communication
    • develop their linguistic repertoire through understanding how their own languages work
    • adapt and manipulate language to communicate effectively to a range of different audiences
    • develop receptive, interpretive and expressive language skills
    • transfer existing knowledge and skills into new contexts including the social and cultural aspects of language.
  • Supporting the key considerations for language development by giving learners the opportunity to:
    • develop phonological awareness and phonemic awareness
    • continue to progress in all their languages from their different starting points.


The GCSE French qualification will also be based on the following:

  • understanding and responding to spoken and written language
  • identifying messages and drawing conclusions
  • using knowledge of grammar
  • translating from and into the language of study
  • communicating clearly and effectively in speaking and in writing
  • a core vocabulary list based on high frequency vocabulary and everyday language
  • using accurate pronunciation and intonation
  • using knowledge of cultural and regional familiarity.


Units 1, 3 and 4 will be based on the following broad themes (sub-themes are provided in brackets as examples of what each broad theme could include):

  • language for leisure and wellbeing, for example: healthy body, healthy mind, self and relationships, using technology and media
  • language for travel, for example: travelling around the world, the culture of where the language is spoken, sustainability
  • language for study and work, for example: study and work opportunities, working with languages at home and abroad.
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