Remote Support

WJEC uses TeamViewer for remote support. TeamViewer allows a WJEC support representative to view your computer screen and to take control of your computer.

TeamViewer uses an encrypted connection between your computer and WJEC, so there is no threat to your personal data. No changes will be made to your computer system without your permission.

To join a support session:

  1. Download the client (Windows) (Mac OS X)
  2. Run TeamViewerQS.exe
  3. Your support representative will ask you for the ID and password displayed in the program.
  4. Your support representative will now be able to control your screen.


Linux users need to download the full version of the client from the TeamViewer website.

TeamViewer SupportIf your network uses a proxy server, you may need to enter your proxy settings. Click on the Settings icon in the TeamViewer program to do this

Windows client MD5 - 724d29845427935155f4d09a08dd395b
Mac client MD5 - 79ad2e5eed9ad5aa9aed5109a3d50733