Developing a suite of Green Skills qualifications

We are excited to announce that we are going to be exploring the potential demand for a suite of Green Skills Qualifications to meet the needs of learners across a wide range of settings. This is in response to Wales’ own Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, the Curriculum for Wales Four Purposes, and the United Nation’s Global Goals. 


Our vision for this work is a world in which:

  • learners leave school confident of their place in a fast-changing society and planet equipped with the knowledge, skills and mindsets they will need to navigate it, ready to actively contribute to it as citizens and custodians of a sustainable future
  • educators can confidently ‘teach the future’ and embark on their own learning journeys towards professional (and personal) fulfilment
  • employers take an active role in this learning journey as partners, problem solvers and enablers of skills for the future.

Our mission is to equip today’s and future generations of learners and leaders to develop the skills, knowledge and mindsets they will need to thrive - and contribute - in a climate-changed world.


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