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Our team of more than 350 skilled and knowledgeable individuals are on hand to support schools and colleges with the delivery of our qualifications. Unlike other awarding bodies, we provide direct access to subject experts and centre support teams – to help you every step of the way.


What’s more, our subject specialists are all former teachers/lecturers, and are therefore perfectly placed to provide you with all the practical advice and guidance you need.


To contact your subject specialist, simply visit your qualification page.



Trusted and valued qualifications


Our qualifications are internationally recognised and carefully designed to give learners an opportunity to show what they know, understand, and can do – equipping them with the skills and understanding for the next stage of their lives, including higher education, and employment.


We’re committed to reinvesting in continuously improving our qualifications, and as part of our qualification development process, we engage with a range of specialists including academics and workforce leads to ensure they develop all the necessary skillsets and competencies.

Learn how we develop qualifications.

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Free digital resources


We work closely with sector experts to develop an unbeatable range of bilingual teaching and learning tools, resources and materials to support our qualifications and to engage and inspire learners. Access our full range of free digital resources from our website.



Comprehensive training package


Our courses are expert-led and designed for teachers to get all the latest information on qualifications and assessments, an insight into teaching resources, and a range of practical tips and strategies for the classroom.

To view our full schedule of training opportunities, visit our webpage.



Why should you attend our Professional Learning courses?





Whether you teach in the medium of Welsh or English, our qualifications and teaching and learning resources are available for you.


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As a charity, we're committed to re-investing in continuously improving the support, resources and qualifications we provide to schools, colleges and learners.