Supporting our Made-for-Wales qualifications with FREE tailored resources

Supporting our Made-for-Wales qualifications with FREE tailored resources

At WJEC, we are proud of the comprehensive support that we offer to centres in the delivery of our qualifications. Our unbeatable package includes direct access to subject specialists and support teams, nationwide face-to-face and online professional learning opportunities, and FREE digital resources.

To support our centres in the delivery of our new Made-for-Wales qualifications, we are pleased to confirm that our Digital Resources Team will produce a package of FREE bilingual resources for each subject. This will initially feature 130 packages, which consist of blended learning resources and knowledge organisers for the first group of qualifications which will be taught from September 2025.

Commenting on our commitment is Melanie Blount, Head of Content Development: “WJEC has an established tradition of producing high-quality, bilingual resources in the support of our qualifications. As centres begin to deliver the new suite of Made-for-Wales qualifications, we will continue in this support, with a package of adaptable resources which will reflect the ethos of the new curriculum.

These resources will be developed by our Subject Teams, in conjunction with curriculum specialists from across Wales and further afield. Each new resource will be designed to support and enhance teaching and learning, with a focus on new topics which are being introduced within these qualifications.”

Responding to feedback

Our decision to produce this package was based on a comprehensive survey which was issued to all centres across Wales in 2023. The results revealed that the majority of respondents chose editable blended learning and knowledge organisers as their preferred resources to support teaching and learning.

Editable resources

Each resource will be designed to support the ethos of the Curriculum for Wales, by enabling users to edit the resources and tailor according to their local area. This will allow teachers to create a bespoke package of resources which will support a wide breadth of teaching approaches.

In addition to our new package of resources, our existing suite of free digital resources are also available, which covers a range of subjects and topics which remain part of the new suite of Made-for-Wales qualifications.

Publication schedule

Our Digital Resources Team will be working at pace to produce these new support materials. These will be published in phases beginning from late Autum 2024, and the full suite of bilingual resources will be available by June 2025.

Join our team

Our Digital Resources Team work with a broad range of stakeholders including teachers and lecturers to produce our resources. If you are interested in supporting our work, please contact our team via

Stay up to date

To keep you up to date with the latest news, opportunities and FAQs regarding the new GCSEs and related qualifications, visit our 'Made-for-Wales' web area. This area hosts a wealth of material, including an introduction to our Qualification Development Team who will lead the creation of the new qualifications.