Recruiting qualification writers who are committed to our vision

Recruiting qualification writers who are committed to our vision

With the development of our new suite of GCSEs and related qualifications underway, we spoke with Julie Rees, Qualifications Manager, who explains the large-scale recruitment exercise we’ve undertaken for external experts to support our Qualification Development Team.

‘WJEC has over 75 years of experience in the development of qualifications, and as part of our established process, we recruit external writers and reviewers who help create our qualifications. These subject experts support us to ensure that our qualifications stay true to our vision and meet regulatory requirements, whilst also inspiring and enabling our learners to develop the skills and knowledge to thrive in a global market.

As with all WJEC roles, the recruitment process is competitive and rigorous, enabling us to confidently appoint individuals who strive to achieve our high standards. Recruitment for writers and reviewers began in May, interest in these roles exceeded our expectations, and we received over 700 applications across all subject areas.’

Delivering a fair recruitment methodology

‘Our Qualification Development Officers reviewed each application carefully applying a fair and rigorous process. The standard of applicants was extremely high, making the shortlisting particularly challenging for the team.

From here, our team devised a series of tasks, tailored towards the specific subject area which was created in consultation with our Subject and Assessment Teams. Shortlisted applicants were then asked to complete the task, which allowed our team to evaluate their skillset.

In total, over 200 tasks were completed, and over 120 applicants were invited to attend an interview with a panel including a Qualifications Development Officer, a Subject Officer, and a member of our Appointees team.

As a result of this recruitment process, we have appointed a first group of over 110 writers and reviewers to help co-create the new qualifications. The development of these will be staggered across two phases, with 20 qualifications being developed for first teaching from September 2025.

Providing quality training and support

‘Our next steps will be to deliver tailored training to our new team in the Autumn term, which will ensure that they are confident to produce relevant and meaningful content for the new qualifications that align with the Curriculum for Wales and the Approval Criteria. Training will cover assessment and Curriculum for Wales related aspects, including diversity and inclusion, and will be delivered by our qualification experts and partners.’

Subject Advisory Group support

‘Following their training, under guidance from our Qualification Development Team, and utilising the outcomes of our consultations on qualification outline proposals feedback, they will begin writing content for our specifications, which will be regularly reviewed by our Subject Qualification Development Advisory Groups. Each subject has their own, bespoke advisory group, which features wide representation from across the education community and beyond.

These groups will provide objective feedback throughout the development process, offering a channel for ongoing dialogue, and provide opportunities for feedback on our work, whilst ensuring that our new qualifications meet Qualifications Wales’ regulatory Approval Criteria and align with the Curriculum for Wales.

Over the coming months, regular updates will be posted from our Qualification Development Team, alongside opportunities to provide feedback on our proposals. As we continue this journey, we are confident that our team will deliver inclusive and engaging qualifications, that are fit for the future and support the Curriculum for Wales.’

To keep you up to date with the latest news, opportunities and FAQs regarding the new GCSEs and related qualifications, visit our ‘Qualified for the future: WJEC is ready’ web area. This area hosts a wealth of material, including an introduction to our Qualification Development Team who will lead the creation of the new GCSEs.