Qualifications Wales publishes Final Decisions Report and Approval Criteria for reformed GCSEs

Qualifications Wales publishes Final Decisions Report and Approval Criteria for reformed GCSEs

Today, Qualifications Wales has published their Final Decisions Report and Approval Criteria for the new suite of GCSEs as part of their Qualified for the Future initiative.

Commenting on this significant announcement is Ian Morgan, WJEC Chief Executive: “We welcome the announcement by Qualifications Wales. These reports provide us with the direction and frameworks to begin the exciting work of creating the new GCSEs for learners in Wales.

Utilising our 75 years of experience, we will take these decisions forward, employing a ‘co-construct’ approach to the development of these qualifications. Throughout the process, we will look for opportunities to engage with stakeholders in Wales and beyond, including teachers/lecturers, headteachers, learners, businesses, unions, universities and many more.

We are committed to creating a suite of exciting and engaging qualifications, which will equip learners in Wales with the skills, knowledge and understanding to compete in the global market.”

The new GCSEs will be available to schools and colleges in Wales from September 2025 and will support the delivery of Wales’ new curriculum.

Qualifications Wales has recently completed a ‘Full Offer’ consultation, examining the full range of qualifications which are available to learners in Wales aged 14 to 16. The outcomes of this exercise will be published by Qualifications Wales in due course.

Keeping you informed

To keep you up to date with the latest news, opportunities and FAQs regarding the new GCSEs, visit our ‘Qualified for the future: WJEC is ready’ web area. This area hosts a wealth of material, including an introduction to our Qualification Development Team who will lead the creation of the new GCSEs.

Supporting qualification development - join our team!

As part of our approach to the development of these new qualification, we are looking for teachers/lecturers to join us as writers/reviewers to support the creation of our specifications. In addition, we are inviting subject experts to join our Development Advisory Groups to work closely with us to ensure that the new qualifications are inclusive, engaging, and fit for the future.

Applications are open until 14 July, for further information and to apply visit the following webpage.

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