Qualification Assessment Frameworks – a range of evidence can be used
Qualification Assessment Frameworks – a range of evidence can be used


We have had requests for clarification regarding the assessment frameworks published recently. Within section 2 of each of the frameworks we have outlined what we consider to be the key requirements for learners to be able to progress. These are described in terms of what learners should cover rather than what they must cover for summer 2021.

We recognise that the disruption to teaching and learning will have impacted different learners in different ways, but that overall a significant amount of face-to-face teaching and learning has been lost in 2020/21. We have provided some examples of how our past papers could be used, but centres are not required to use those, and may use other reliable forms of summative evidence if they wish.

The advice is that all assessment objectives are covered as fully as possible and to ensure that there is sufficient coverage of the breadth of specification requirements but with some aspects covered in greater depth than others (evidence of high achievement in a narrow aspect of the specification will not, on its own, justify a high grade). The aim is to have sufficient evidence of each learner’s knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to determine the appropriate grade.

Qualifications Assessment Frameworks and a range of support materials can be accessed via our Secure Website.