NEA Update for centres in Wales - March 2020
NEA Update for centres in Wales - March 2020

Following Welsh Government’s decision to close schools and colleges from Monday March 23 and not to proceed with this summer’s examinations, we have now agreed with Qualifications Wales on arrangements for controlled assessments and non- examination assessments (NEA) for Qualifications Wales approved GCSE, AS/A level and Skills Challenge Certificate qualifications.

Due to centres no longer being open to the majority of learners, we will not conduct any further visits to assess or moderate learners’ work submitted for qualifications requiring a centre visit.

Given the timing of the school closures, not all learners have been provided with the opportunity to complete their internally assessed NEA work and controlled assessments. To ensure fairness for all learners, WJEC will not moderate any NEA units or controlled assessments for GCSE, AS/A level and Skills Challenge Certificate qualifications for the summer 2020 series.

We have provided information to all our centres with entries for these qualifications on how they should proceed with any NEA work or controlled assessments they have already marked.

We are currently working with Qualifications Wales and with Ofqual and CCEA to consider our approach to managing a range of entry level, level 1/2 and level 3 qualifications.

Further advice and guidance will be provided on the qualification pages on our website in due course.