Malpractice policy and artificial intelligence – November 2023 guidance

Malpractice policy and artificial intelligence – November 2023 guidance

Richard Harry, WJEC Director of Qualifications and Assessment, has issued the following guidance to centres regarding malpractice and the use of artificial intelligence during assessment periods.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is having a major impact on the education sector. It has the potential to be of great benefit but also brings risks and challenges including candidates committing malpractice through accidental or intentional plagiarism when undertaking their assessments.

WJEC has been working with other JCQ members to produce guidance for teachers and other centre staff on preventing plagiarism including through the inappropriate use of artificial intelligence. I would be grateful if you could support us in sharing this information with relevant centre staff.

The JCQ Guidance for Teachers/Assessors on plagiarism in assessment is aimed at staff who have responsibility for supervising and/or marking non-examination assessments. It includes useful tips for teachers to consider prior to signing the declaration of authentication form.

The JCQ AI Use in Assessments: Protecting the Integrity of Qualifications guidance focuses on the misuse of AI in assessments, communicating expectations about the use of AI and the consequences of inappropriate use to learners and parents, and the requirement to include AI in the centre’s Malpractice Policy.

JCQ’s General Regulations for Approved Centres for 2023-24 includes a new requirement for centres to have in place a written malpractice policy which should be available for inspection by the JCQ Centre Inspection Service (paragraph 5.3 z). The policy must detail how candidates are informed and advised to avoid committing malpractice in examinations/assessments, how suspected malpractice issues should be escalated within the centre and reported to the relevant awarding body.

We are aware that the AI landscape is rapidly changing and are working with others to develop and share resources to support centres and learners. You may already be aware of the work of and resources available through AI in Education.

We also want to learn more from schools and colleges and to receive your feedback on the JCQ guidance AI Use in Assessments: Protecting the Integrity of Qualifications. JCQ has issued a short survey to seek your feedback. If you have not already done so we would be grateful if your centre could complete the survey by 21 November 2023.

JCQ is continuing to develop new guidance and resources on AI such as infographics for centre staff and students which will be published on its website.

Yours faithfully


Director of Qualifications and Assessment