A message form Ian Morgan, Chief Executive WJEC

Made for Wales. Ready for the world: Our progress in developing new qualifications which will shape the future of education in Wales.

I hope the new academic year is off to a great start and would like to take a moment to reaffirm our commitment to supporting you. We remain ready to assist you and your teams with our specialised subject knowledge, guidance on our extensive range of free bilingual resources and information on the comprehensive timetable of professional learning courses available.

Work is well underway co-constructing the new suite of GCSEs and related qualifications. Our Qualifications Development Team is working closely with our subject experts, writers, reviewers and Subject Advisory groups, drawing upon their vast expertise and insights to create a suite of inclusive and engaging qualifications which are fit for the future.

To foster inclusivity and to inspire learners, we have also partnered with organisations such as Diversity and Anti-Racism Professional Learning (DARPL). These partnerships enrich our approach and ensure that our qualifications empower and resonate with all learners.

To complement our extensive collaborative efforts, we are establishing dedicated stakeholder groups, including a Learner Advisory Group. I strongly believe in actively seeking the opinions of our stakeholders, as their diverse perspectives offer immense value. Their insights will be key in co-constructing qualifications that align effectively with the new Curriculum.

To ensure transparency and gather valuable feedback, I am pleased to announce that we have launched consultations on our high-level proposals for the structure and focus of assessment for each subject. The consultation applies to subjects within the first phase of our development which will be available for teaching from September 2025.

I would like to emphasise the significance of these consultations as they provide you with a platform to offer constructive feedback. Through our co-construction efforts and your participation, we will create a new suite of qualifications that truly benefit you and your learners.

You can access the Made-for-Wales GCSEs and related qualifications consultation here.

Rest assured that we will keep you informed throughout the academic year about the progress we make in the development of these exciting new qualifications.

Following on the success from our first Annual Review, I am pleased to announce the release of our new Annual Review. The publication recognises our successes and achievements during 2022/23. It also highlights our progression as we continue to work closely with you to enable Wales’ learners to reach their full potential.

As we continue to celebrate our achievements, earlier this month, I had the privilege to witness the high level of creativity in the work of learners at our recent Innovation Exhibition. The sheer ingenuity and innovation in their projects will undoubtedly make it a daunting task for the judges to reach a final decision. Anticipation is already building as I look forward to the upcoming Innovation Awards Ceremony in December. It will be a memorable occasion where we will celebrate and recognise the outstanding achievements of the finalists.

We continue to welcome open and honest dialogue and I have enjoyed my recent visit to schools and colleges across Wales. Should you like a visit, please contact me via lorna.turner@wjec.co.uk  to make the necessary arrangements.

I wish you all the very best over the academic year, and on behalf of all of us at WJEC, I would like to thank you and your teams for your continued support, dedication, and professionalism.

Ian Morgan

Chief Executive, WJEC