Made-for-Wales qualification outlines and consultation report now available

Made-for-Wales qualification outlines and consultation report now available

We are pleased to announce that our final qualification outlines are now published for qualifications available for first teaching from September 2025.

Commenting on this milestone, Delyth Jones, Assistant Director, Qualification Development: “On behalf of WJEC, I would like to thank the more than 1,000 respondents who participated in our consultations. Their constructive feedback was extremely valuable and forms an important part of our development process as listening to the views of our stakeholders provides the foundation to our development work.

‘Our Qualification Development Team will use these outlines as a basis for the development of our specifications, and we aim to submit these to Qualifications Wales in the spring term. This is an extremely exciting period for Wales, as our qualifications will support the ambitions of the ‘Curriculum for Wales’ and enhance the learning experience of learners across Wales.”

In addition to the qualification outlines, we have also published a consultation report which outlines the actions we have taken, based on the outcomes of the consultations.

Qualification outlines

Final qualification outlines are available for the following subjects, which can be accessed via your subject page:

New GCSEs: First teaching September 2025

Non-GCSE qualification: First teaching September 2025

Professional Learning

To support the introduction and implementation of these new qualifications, we will be shortly announcing a comprehensive package of professional learning. In addition, for each qualification outline, we have developed an individual presentation, which can be accessed via the qualification webpage.

Timeline of activities

Our draft specifications will be submitted to Qualifications Wales in the spring term for review against their regulatory requirements – this will be an iterative process until our qualifications are approved.  We will publish draft specifications on our website in the summer term and the final approved specification will be published in September. 

Latest updates

To keep you up to date with the latest news, opportunities and FAQs regarding the new GCSEs and related qualifications, visit our ‘Made-for-Wales. Ready for the world.’ web area. This area hosts a wealth of material, including an introduction to our Qualification Development Team who lead the creation of these new qualifications.