Have your say on our reformed Level 3 in Criminology

Have your say on our reformed Level 3 in Criminology

We are currently reforming our Level 3 qualification in Criminology for centres in Wales.

The qualification forms part of our suite of applied qualifications, which are designed for post-16 learners in full time education and aims to develop fundamental knowledge and practical skills through applied learning.

Reforming Criminology

Our reformed qualification in Criminology will build on its current strengths, whilst providing an opportunity for us to update and amend areas of content, for example removing the focus on campaigns in Unit 1 and increasing the focus on types and representations of crime.

The qualification will continue to offer exciting and interesting experiences that focus on applied learning and the development of skills such as critical thinking, analysis and communication through purposeful tasks set in meaningful contexts.

Offer your feedback

As part of our development process, we are asking current practitioners to feedback on our proposal, which can be found in our Outline Qualification Design for Level 3 Criminology. The consultation will take around 15 minutes to complete, and all responses should be submitted by 26/02/2024.

You can access our anonymous survey here.

We would be extremely grateful if you will take the time to offer your feedback, which is important part of our development process.

Should you have any questions regarding our approach please email: qualificationdevelopment@wjec.co.uk