Creating qualifications that are fit for the future

Creating qualifications that are fit for the future

As we commence our work to develop a new suite of GCSEs and related qualifications, Delyth Jones, Assistant Director – Qualifications Development, discusses our approach to creating an exciting package of qualifications for learners in Wales.

‘This year marks WJEC’s 75th anniversary, which feels timely as we now begin our work to develop a new suite of GCSEs and related qualifications for learners in Wales. We are at a pivotal point, where Qualifications Wales will publish their decisions report and approval criteria at the end of June. This announcement is extremely important for us, as this will guide the direction of our work and enable us to begin the exciting work of creating new GCSEs.

The requirements for each qualification will be set by Qualifications Wales and we anticipate that some subjects will see greater changes than others. However, each subject will be developed in the context of the Curriculum for Wales, and we are adopting a considered approach for how the qualifications can for example reflect cross-cutting themes such as diversity and sustainability, and we’re being mindful of the impact the qualification will have on teaching and learning.

My role will be to lead our team of passionate Development Officers who are managing the development of these exciting qualifications. Our team of seven experts have extensive qualification development experience and share our vision of creating engaging, accessible, and inspiring qualifications for all learners in Wales.

I recently attended Eisteddfod yr Urdd in Llandovery to represent WJEC. It was a great opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss how the GCSEs could support the implementation of the new curriculum. Discussions like these reflect our ‘co-construction’ approach to the development of our qualifications and we will actively look for opportunities to engage with stakeholders in Wales and beyond.

Working with external organisations will also support this approach, for example, we have linked with Diversity and Anti-Racist Professional Learning (DARPL) to ensure that our qualifications reflect diversity in Wales and globally. Over the coming months, we will be looking to expand these partnerships to include a range of organisations.

Alongside these discussions, we are also recruiting qualification writers and reviewers, and experts to join our subject advisory groups. These will provide another channel to challenge our thinking.

Throughout this journey will be listening, reflecting, and responding to feedback. We are determined to create qualifications that will support the ambitions of the new curriculum and also meet regulatory requirements set by Qualifications Wales.

We are still at a very early stage of the process, but we will be working at pace, and our team is extremely motivated to deliver a suite of qualifications that will make Wales world leaders.’

To discover more about our new suite of GCSEs and related qualifications and to take part in future activities, please visit our ‘Qualified for the Future’ web area.