Coronavirus update: Private candidates
Summer 2020 Coronavirus update: Private candidates

WJEC has been working with the other exam boards, and in accordance with the information published by Qualifications Wales to ensure that, as far as possible, students are not disadvantaged due to the arrangements being put in place for students to receive GCE and GCSE calculated grade this summer as a result of the government’s decision to close schools and colleges and cancel exams to help fight the spread of Covid-19.


Qualifications Wales’ consultation proposes that Centre Assessment Grades submitted by schools and colleges can include private candidates provided the Head of Centre is confident that there is enough evidence of the candidate’s achievement to make an objective judgement. 


Today the JCQ exam boards have published further guidance to support heads of centre making judgements about private candidates to ensure they are confident they have sufficient evidence of each candidate’s achievement to make their judgements, and that the arrangements are fair for all candidates. 


Our guidance provides information on:

  • sources of evidence a centre might consider when submitting a centre assessment grade and rank orders
  • how some private candidates may need to transfer to another centre
  • how centres might work with private candidates who need a grade this summer to progress


Centres will liaise with the private candidates they have entered for GCE and GCSE examinations this summer.  Any centre requiring further guidance, and wishing to be approved to work with private candidates they have not previously taught and provide centre assessment grades/rank orders for WJEC/WJEC Eduqas qualifications, should contact us as soon as possible.


Private candidates can contact us for details of centres who are approved to work with private candidates they have not previously taught, to provide a centre assessment grade. Please not that we will not have this information until centres have applied and been approved to work with new private candidates.


Students who cannot receive a grade this summer will have an opportunity to take exams in the next available series. 


We understand that these are challenging times for all, due to the unprecedented circumstances we are currently experiencing.  We will continue to work with you to ensure that students receive a fair qualification grade this summer so they can progress with their lives.