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WJEC provides, and will continue to provide, GCE and GCSE Mathematics qualifications which meet the needs of teachers and the requirements of regulators in both England and Wales.

WJEC offers Mathematics courses at GCE, GCSE, and Entry Level. The suite of qualifications has proved popular with centres for a number of reasons. These include:

  • the clarity of the specifications and assessment material,
  • the quality of CPD provision,
  • the reliability of examining and moderation,
  • the approachability of WJEC staff.

Materials and resources

  • Past papers and marking schemes are available free of charge to teaching staff on our Secure Website.
  • Further resources are available through our online Shop

For further information , please contact:

John Williams - Mathematics Subject Officer
Telephone: 029 2026 5310

Rhian Williams - Mathematics Administrative Support Officer 
Telephone: 029 2026 5199