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Principal Learning:

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Principal Learning (PL) qualifications are available in Wales as one of the Option elements within the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification, and in England as part of the Diploma. Principal Learning must be studied alongside the Project qualifications at the appropriate level and other appropriate qualifications. Learners who achieve the Welsh Baccalaureate Core and Options will be awarded the Welsh Baccalaureate Diploma at the appropriate level. WBQ Structure with PL/Project Elements

Lines of learning

In September 2009, the Welsh Assembly Government approved the introduction of Principal Learning and Project qualifications at three levels as one of the Options element within the Welsh Baccalaureate.

From September 2011, Principal Learning qualifications in 14 lines of learning can be taken up by networks and partnerships as long as they have been approved by the Welsh Assembly Government’s DCELLS to deliver them. These are:

  • Construction & the Built Environment
  • Environmental & Land-based Studies
  • Creative & Media
  • Hair & Beauty
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing & Product Design
  • Business, Administration & Finance
  • Society, Health & Development
  • Sport and Active Leisure
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Retail Business
  • Public Services

Principal Learning specifications in Wales have been mapped to Essential Skills Wales and Wider Key Skills whereas the specifications for England have been mapped to Functional Skills and Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills.

WJEC provision

WJEC is offering Principal Learning in Creative & Media and Society, Health & Development.

Partnership provision

WJEC’s provision of other lines of learning in Principal Learning in Wales is in partnership with Edexcel and VTCT.

The Principal Learning qualifications offered with Edexcel are: Construction & the Built Environment, Engineering, Information Technology, Business, Administration & Finance, Environmental & Land-based Studies, Hospitality and Manufacturing & Product Design, Retail Business, Sport and Active Leisure, Travel and Tourism and Public Services.

More information about Principal Learning in Wales in partnership with Edexcel

Principal Learning in Hair & Beauty is in partnership with VTCT.

Training sessions

WJEC/Edexcel/VTCT are organising joint training sessions for 14 – 19 Networks and consortia to prepare schools, colleges and training providers for the delivery of Principal Learning qualifications from September 2011.

More information

For more information on Principal Learning qualifications, please contact:

Tessa Gabriel-Davies, Pathways Development Officer
Tel: 029 2026 5191

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