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Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

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Why study FAD? (Information for Students)

This specification offers a one year full-time or two year part-time course of study. The course is designed to provide learners with a thorough and comprehensive experience of art, craft, design and media to prepare them for Higher Education and future employment within creative visual disciplines.

The principal aim of the qualification is to provide the context in which learners can build on previous experience and identify and interpret their strengths and direction through continuous diagnostic and progressive exploration of methods and concepts particular to Art and Design.

Qualification Approval

Ofqual Qualification Number: 603/0975/1
Qualification Wales Designation Number: C00/1186/86

The Level 3 specification has been approved by the regulatory authorities for admission to the Qualifications and Credit Framework in England and the Credit and Qualification Framework for Wales and are eligible for funding.

Qualification Structure

The course consists of three assessed stages. Each stage is delivered through 2 units:

Stage 1 (Level 3 - Units 1 and 2)
Exploring creative and visual language in Art & Design
(Internally assessed)

During this stage learners are taught to extend their personal vocabulary of visual language beyond the prescriptive into the developmental.

Unit 1 Drawing and colour as an investigative process in Art and Design

In this unit, the learner will be encouraged to broaden and deepen enquiry through drawing and colour and to acquire understanding of the comparative application of media and techniques towards externalising thought processes.

Unit 2 Exploring materials and making in Art and Design

As learners acquire a broader experience of studio facilities and different media and develop increasing fluency with their applications. They will be encouraged to establish a personal visual language through which they can develop creative thinking.

Stage 2 (Level 3 - Units 3 and 4)
Developing specialist practice, progression and personal development in Art & Design
(Internally assessed)

Learners will extend practical ability with materials and processes to high levels and identify and develop a specialist progression route. At this stage a portfolio containing evidence of how selections were made will be developed and learners will display an increasing professional awareness of the application of media and processes appropriate to proposed pathways.

Unit 3 Developing specialist practice and preparing for progression in Art and Design

Individual practice will lead towards personal specialisation. Learners will review and differentiate between specialist areas and progression routes, and build a portfolio of evidence supporting their preferred specialism.

Unit 4 Personal development and innovation in Art & Design

Continuous development and innovation is crucial to creative practice. The learner will combine skills, processes and understanding and demonstrate a personal approach to visual problem solving.

Stage 3 (Level 4 - Units 5 and 6)
Planning, creating, presenting, and reviewing a Major Project in Art & Design
(Internally assessed and externally moderated in June)

Unit 5 Proposing a major project in Art & Design

At this stage learners will select a theme or topic for a self-managed major piece of personal work. Intentions will be identified and explained in this document, which should be inspirational rather than prescriptive, although realistic and achievable within the set timeframe. In order to contextualise their chosen programme of activity learners will be required to reflect on progress and achievement to date, identify their project aims, objectives and influences, and negotiate resource implications.

Unit 6 Creating and exhibiting a major project in Art & Design

All Art and Design professionals exhibit or present their work to the public or to specific client groups. In this unit learners will curate and present a Major Project integrating their skills, knowledge and understanding; their capacity to manage time and resources, and to critically review progress. Learners should aspire to realise intentions in a professional manner with the opportunity to display ambitious outcomes and have them appreciated and assessed in a public forum.

Fee (September 2018 - August 2019) per student £126.44

Centres seeking approval to offer the course or looking to amend original approval information must complete:

Internal Assessment

Unit 5 Teacher / Learner Guidance

Internal / External Assessment

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