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Functional Skills FAQs


What training is offered to centres?

Online subject specific Continuous Professional Development (CPD) will be available on our website soon. We have a variety of online materials and resources available on our open website:

Further resources such as circulars, past papers, and mark schemes are also available on our secure website.

What will my learners get out of this?

The purpose of the FS qualifications is to enable learners to communicate in ways that make them effective and involved as citizens, operate confidently and to convey their ideas and opinions clearly in a wide range of contexts.
In addition to this, candidates will receive a certificate on the successful completion of their qualification.

Do I have to enter my learners with the same awarding body for all three FS subjects?

No, it's entirely up to you to pick and choose the awarding body you want to work with for each subject.

How do I make entries?

In the usual way: the entries procedure is very straightforward and entries can be submitted in any of the following ways:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • WJEC Secure Website
  • On a diskette, using an approved package
  • In writing, on the Official Entry Forms.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the FS Administration Booklet.

Are there the same limitations on FS qualifications as other unitised qualifications?

Unlike GCSEs, candidates are not limited by the number of times they can resit an FS qualification or component. Similarly, there is no 40% terminal assessment rule for FS.

How will Speaking, Listening and Communication be externally moderated?

At Entry Level, centres need to submit witness statements/audio recordings to their moderator, along with their Reading and Writing tasks. A sample should be chosen manually across a range of levels. Up to 6 must be submitted.
At Levels 1&2, centres will receive an advisory visit from a WJEC Speaking, Listening and Communication moderator every three years. Further details about these visits are given in the specification.

Can my Year 9 class be entered for FS assessments?

Yes. Candidates at any age can sit FS assessments. However, WJEC would recommend that learners under 14 be carefully considered for entry as they may not have the necessary maturity/problem-solving skills that the contextualised assessments require.

Are there special access arrangements for FS qualifications?

Yes, they are cited in the appendices of the subject specification documents:

Is there the expectation that learners will have achieved Level 1 before they take the Level 2 qualification?

No, FS subjects are essentially 'when-ready' qualifications, but it may help some learners to become more familiar with the style of assessment and build self-esteem if FS qualifications are taken in terms of progression.

Can I enter some of my learners for E2 at the same time as E3?

No. Learners are restricted to one entry per series in a subject, although learners can be entered for different levels in different components in the same series, e.g. E2 Writing and E3 Reading.

Secure Website Information

What is the WJEC Secure Website?

The secure website can be accessed only by authorised staff at centres that work with WJEC. Resources uploaded on to the secure web include circulars, past papers and marking schemes, entry/amendment file uploads and the ability to make online post-results enquiries. Additional teaching and learning resources for FS are also uploaded on to the secure website.

How do I register for the Secure Website?

Please send us an email stating centre number, centre name, contact name and contact email address. Only the centre examinations officer should send this email. We will then get a letter of registration out to your centre as soon as possible. Once registered, the examinations officer can then register up to 10 additional limited access accounts themselves.

How long does it take to process a Secure Website registration request?

We aim to get your letter of registration out within two working days. Please indicate on your email if your registration is urgent.

I'm a teacher, can I register for the Secure Website?

Yes, but you need to do so via your centre's examinations officer. They can create up to 10 limited access accounts which can provide teachers with access to the items of most interest, such as past papers, marking schemes, item level data and circulars. If your examinations officer isn't registered please ask them to email us stating centre number, centre name, contact name and contact email address.

I've forgotten my password for the Secure Website.

If you are the primary account holder (i.e. the examinations officer) then please email us stating your centre number and contact name and we will reset your password and either notify you by fax or post. Please note that this information can only be sent to the registered centre's fax / postal address.
If you have a Secure Website account which was set up for you by your centre's examinations officer then only your examinations officer will be able to reset your password.

I've forgotten my username for the Secure Website.

If you are the primary account holder (i.e. the examinations officer) then please email us and we will send a reminder to the registered email address. If you have a Secure Website account which was set up for you by your centre's examinations officer then only your examinations officer will be able to remind you of your username.

There is more than one examinations officer at our centre, can we all register?

Currently there is only one primary account holder per centre.

We are registered for the secure website but the examinations officer has left / is on long-term absence and we need to know the user account details.

Please email us stating centre number, name, new email address and contact name. We will then reset the account and notify you via letter/fax as appropriate. Please note that we can only communicate with the registered centre details.

I'm a candidate - can I register for the Secure Website?

No. Resources such as past papers and mark schemes are available for a small charge from our bookshop

I'm sure I'm putting in the correct password, but I still can't log on.

Your computer may have cached the wrong password, please try clearing your passwords. Go to: Internet Explorer 6 > Tools > Internet Options > Content > Auto Complete > Clear Passwords.
If this doesn't work please email us stating your centre number. We will aim to get back to you within the hour.

I've emailed WJEC but have received no reply.

All emails are usually acknowledged within an hour. New registrations are usually sent within 2 working days and all other enquiries are usually sent the same working day. If you are sure that you have sent the email to securewebsite@wjec.co.uk please either resend your enquiry or telephone 029 2026 5163.

We aren't a registered centre with the WJEC but would like to look at resources on the Secure Website - can we register?

If you do not have access to the Secure Website and want initial access to subject resources please contact the subject officer/subject support officer for the subject you are interested in: you can receive the resources without needing to use the Secure Website.

Once you have a firm intention of entering candidates with WJEC, please register immediately as a centre. Information on registering as a WJEC centre can be obtained by emailing our exams section. You will then need to register for the Secure Website so that you have the full benefits of this service. See How do I Register for the Secure Website for further information.

I need further assistance regarding Secure Website registration.

Please email us or phone 029 2026 5163.

We have several centres, do we need to register all of them?

Each centre account will only have access to the candidate entry information relevant to that specific centre. Therefore you will need to register all centres that you have candidate entries for. There is no charge for Secure Website registration and we suggest that you register all your centres to ensure access to all available resources.

What will WJEC do with my details?

We will ensure that any personal details you supply will remain confidential.

Why can't I apply for my user account online?

Much of the information we provide via the WJEC Secure Website is strictly confidential to your centre, therefore we must verify that you are an authorised user before you can access these services.

Will the service be available all the time?


For further information, please contact: 

Functional Skills Administration Section
Telephone: 029 2026 5180
E-mail: functionalskills@wjec.co.uk