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National/Foundation KS4

National/Foundation KS4 Skills Challenge Certificate

The central focus of the Skills Challenge Certificate at Key Stage 4 is to provide a vehicle for 14-16 year old learners to consolidate and develop essential and employability skills. The qualification will help learners to prepare for their future by developing skills, attributes and behaviours valued by post-16 educators and potential employers.

Essential Documents for Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Overview of the National/Foundation KS4 Skills Challenge Certificate and Welsh Baccalaureate

The Skills Challenge Certificate consists of 4 components:

  • Individual Project
  • Enterprise and Employability Challenge
  • Global Citizen Challenge
  • Community Challenge

Across these 4 components, 7 essential and employability skills are assessed:

Literacy To demonstrate reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to communicate ideas effectively with others.
Numeracy To collect, interpret and present numerical data or information from a range of sources using digital techniques.
Digital Literacy To understand and use digital technologies effectively for different purposes.
Planning & Organising To manage oneself, others, resources and circumstances to achieve a specific goal.
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving To gather key information to identify different viewpoints and make decisions to solve problems.
Creativity & Innovation To generate ideas and select the most suitable to develop a new or improved product, service or initiative.
Personal Effectiveness To adapt personal skills and qualities so that set targets are achieved.

Learners must pass all 4 components and marks are totalled to provide a grade for the Skills Challenge certificate from an A* through to a Pass.

National/Foundation KS4 Welsh Baccalaureate

The National/Foundation KS4 Welsh Baccalaureate is awarded as a Pass grade when you have passed the Skills Challenge Certificate and the supporting qualifications shown in the wheel.

Employers, sixth forms and Universities value the Welsh Baccalaureate as it shows your academic ability and skills levels all in one place.

E Submission

This subject uses e-submission for the submission of candidate work to WJEC for moderated or assessed units/components. For more information and guidance on the process please visit the e-submissions webpage.

Promotional Materials

We have created 6 posters to promote the Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate:

Challenge Brief Bank

Community Challenge

Enterprise and Employability Challenge

Global Citizenship Challenge

Generic Challenges (can be amended by centres)

Approved Challenge Briefs by Organisations

Approved Community Challenges

Approved Enterprise and Employability Challenges

Approved Global Citizenship Challenges

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