Guidance for Centres

We’re working closely with our regulators as a matter of urgency to ensure that learners, who have worked hard in preparing for their qualifications, are treated fairly, and are awarded grades to enable them to progress in their lives and learning.

Find out more about how grades will be awarded this summer.


Centre Assessment Grades 

Centre Assessment Grades will be based on what teachers would expect each learner to achieve for each qualification. They need to represent a fair, reasonable and carefully considered judgement of the most likely grade that might be achieved in normal circumstances.

You can read more about how to prepare and submit Centre Assessment Grades, and rank orders, in this article – our subject experts have also created useful Subject Guides (available on the Secure Website), and short video guides (for both General Qualifications, and VQs), to further explain what we are doing to support centres and learners during this challenging period.




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