Summer Results 2020: Everything you need to know

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3 September 2020

JCQ has issued updated guidance in relation to appeals for summer 2020 results. We strongly recommend that the guidance is read prior to an appeal being submitted to WJEC. Please note the evidence that must be provided to support an appeal.


Whether you want to find out about how grades have been calculated, information on appeals, collecting results, or useful contacts – you’ll find it all here!


You can also find a range of helpful information in our Guide to summer 2020 Results and Appeals and factsheet.


Information and evidence required to support an appeal


Grounds of appeal

Information and other evidence to be submitted to WJEC

School or college error



All Information and evidence must be provided along with the application for an appeal.

·     A detailed explanation of why data declared to be accurate by the head of centre is now considered incorrect.

·     Documentation evidencing that the centre had followed the correct process of two people having signed off the grades and rank order information prior to the head of centre’s declaration being signed.

·     Evidence that the candidate was enrolled on the course and would have sat the examination this year if exams had not been cancelled (missing entry only)

·     The corrected centre assessment grades and rank order information including confirmation from the Head of centre that the information is accurate

·     Confirmation that additional quality assurance checks have been undertaken of the grades submitted by the centre and that no other error exists.

Incorrect data used by WJEC


Centres are asked to check for centre errors before submitting an appeal on these grounds





The school/college should identify the information which it considers to be inaccurate and submit what it considers to be the correct information.

Incorrect data would include:

·     the centre assessment grade submitted by the centre being different to the information used by WJEC


Procedural grounds

The school/college should identify where it considers that WJEC has not used the correct information

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  • How are grades calculated?
  • Make an appeal
  • Support & Contacts

If a learner has credible evidence that a grade was not based on objective judgements but on other wholly unrelated or subjective factors resulting in bias or discrimination, they should raise the matter as a complaint or internal appeal with their school/ college.

An allegation of bias, discrimination or failure to take account of reasonable adjustments, supported by credible evidence , may be made to WJEC and investigated as malpractice.

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