NEA Controls

NEA Controls: WJEC Approved GCSEs, AS and A levels / contingencies for Summer 2022


Although it is hoped that centres will remain open for face to face learning in 2021-2022, we acknowledge that learners have experienced disruption prior to this point. Therefore, we have reviewed the NEA controls for each qualification and, as a result, in circumstances where it will aid completion of NEA, we will permit centres to relax controls for those certificating in 2022 also.

The document below outlines how and when the controls may be relaxed for each qualification listed. Please read this document carefully as the relaxation of controls may differ, in some qualifications, to those permitted in 2021.


Read Notice: WJEC Approved GCSEs, AS and A levels NEA controls Contingencies for Summer 2022


Centre Declaration Form for NEA Contingencies