Advance Information

Advance Information available


In many subjects we made significant adaptations to the NEA but did not provide any adaptations for the examined units. Given the ongoing disruption to teaching and learning, you can now access Advance Information for the subjects listed below:



Need further information?


If you’re a teacher, and you require further advice, please contact your subject officer – they’re on hand to help. You can also download a range of information, including FAQs, from JCQ’s website here.


If you’re a learner, please talk with your teacher – they’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know. There’s also a Student Guide and range of handy FAQs for learners, and FAQs for Private Candidates on JCQ’s website.


This is in addition to subjects where advance information was provided to centres in September 2021.

  • GCSE Drama Unit 3
  • AS Drama and Theatre Unit 2
  • A level Drama and Theatre Unit 4
  • AS English Language Unit 1 and Unit 2
  • A level English Language Unit 3 and Unit 4
  • AS English Literature Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3
  • A level English Literature Unit 4*
  • AS English Language and Literature Unit 1 and Unit 2
  • A level English Language and Literature Unit 4
  • GCSE French Unit 2 and Unit 3
  • GCSE German Unit 2 and Unit 3
  • GCSE Spanish Unit 2 and Unit 3
  • A level Music Unit 6
  • GCSE Welsh Second Language Unit 3 and Unit 4

*Due to the specific nature of the advance information, in this subject it will not be released until six weeks before the examination.


For A level Biology Unit 5, A level Chemistry Unit 5 and A level Physics Unit 5 we will release the Setting Up Instructions document for the Experimental Tasks as usual, one week before the examination. This will include advance information of the topic area(s) that will be assessed in both the Experimental Task and the Practical Analysis Task.


What is the purpose and function of this Advance Information?

  • The main purpose of this Advance Information is to help learners prioritise their revision by providing the focus of some aspects of the examination; for example, some of the content, contexts, texts, topics, sub-topics, themes and skills that will be assessed in the 2022 assessments.
  • The exact nature of the Advance Information may vary between subjects, depending on the nature and design of the qualification specification and its assessments.
  • It will not be at a level that allows questions to be predicted or answers prepared and therefore should not be used to narrow teaching and learning. 
  • It may be used flexibly by centres and learners to achieve its purpose of supporting revision, but it cannot be brought into the examination.

In order to mitigate lost teaching and learning time and any future disruption, WJEC has adapted its GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2022. The adaptations comply with Qualifications Wales’ requirements.


Adaptations released earlier this year are as follows:


July 2021: We released adaptations to NEA units and/or examined units for every WJEC GCSE and GCE qualification.  These adaptations:

  • streamline the content that will be subject to assessment in 2022
  • reduce NEA requirements
  • introduce optionality to assessments either via a choice of units or a choice of questions within a unit.


September 2021: We released Advance Information for a small number of qualifications for which it was difficult to provide the adaptations described above (you can access the information on your subject pages where applicable).


October 2021: We relaxed the controls under which NEA must be conducted


In some subjects, as usual, we also provide formulae on the exam paper for learners to access during the assessment.