AS/A Level Assessment Arrangements 2022

Qualifications Wales has confirmed that approved GCSE, AS and A level qualifications will be assessed via exams and non-examination assessments as normal, but with adaptations, in summer 2022. You can find out more below:

In order to mitigate lost teaching and learning time and any future disruption, WJEC has adapted its GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2022. The adaptations comply with Qualifications Wales’ requirements.


The adaptations released earlier this year are as follows:


July 2021: We released adaptations to NEA units and/or examined units for every WJEC GCSE and GCE qualification. These adaptations:

  • streamline the content that will be subject to assessment in 2022
  • reduce NEA requirements
  • introduce optionality to assessments either via a choice of units or a choice of questions within a unit.


September 2021: We released Advance Information for a small number of qualifications for which it was difficult to provide the adaptations described above (you can access the information on your subject pages where applicable)


October 2021: We relaxed the controls under which NEA must be conducted.


Summer 2022: Contingency arrangements


Qualifications Wales has published its guidance on contingency arrangements, should exams not be possible, for summer 2022.


You can download the Qualifications Wales guidance here


Contingency arrangements: Centre guidance materials


We have developed the following materials to support centres with contingency arrangements:

  • Qualifications Assessment Frameworks
  • Centre Guidance on creating assessment materials
  • Guidance to support centres in objectively assessing learner performance

The guidance will be available for centres to access on our Secure Website