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Exam Officers

This part of the website is for exam officers in schools, colleges and other institutions which enter candidates for WJEC examinations.

GCSE and GCE Legacy Resit Opportunities 2019

Following the collection of 'intention to enter' information from centres for the final resit sessions of certain legacy GCSE, AS and A Level qualifications, a full list of available units is available here.

JCQ Centre Admin Portal

The new JCQ Centre Admin Portal  (CAP) is now live, enabling centres to complete the following tasks online:

  • Notify the relevant JCQ Centre Inspection Services of their intention to conduct examinations at an Alternative site.
  • Apply for Centre consortium arrangements.
  • Apply for Transferred candidates arrangements.
  • Report on candidates who were admitted very late to the examination room (Very late arrival).
  • Apply for Access arrangements and order Modified Papers.

 The portal is accessed via the WJEC secure website, by selecting the 'JCQ Centre Admin Portal' option from the menu bar.


This section provides information regarding results including grade boundaries and guides to results. It also includes information about post-results services and appeals.

L Results and Grade Boundaries

Results are issued electronically to centres via our secure website and by EDI on the day before publication of results day. Further information about results and what to expect on results day is available in our Guide to Results documents, linked to below.

March Entry Level (Legacy)
Entry Pathways
Thursday 5th July 2018
June A level, AS
Level 3 Applied
Skills Challenge Certificate - Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced
Extended Project
Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
Thursday 16 August 2018
Level 1 / Level 2 General and Vocational
Entry Level (New)
Iaith ar Waith
Pathways - Modern Foreign Languages
Skills Challenge Certificate - Welsh Baccalaureate: Key Stage 4,
Post 16 Foundation and National.
Thursday 23 August 2018

Grade boundaries are the minimum number of marks needed to achieve each grade. Whilst exam papers are written to the same level of difficulty, they do vary each year. Grade boundaries ensure that whenever the exam is sat, students receive the same grade for the same level of performance.

For unitised specifications, grade boundaries are expressed on a Uniform Mark Scale (UMS). UMS grade boundaries remain the same every year as the range of UMS mark percentages allocated to a particular grade does not change. UMS grade boundaries are published at overall subject and unit level.

For linear specifications, a single grade is awarded for the overall subject, rather than for each component/unit that contributes towards the overall grade. Grade boundaries are published on results day.

The 'notional' grade boundaries for each component are also available. Component boundaries are 'notional' and intended only as a guide, they are not official grades.

You can access our UMS Grade Converter here

Current grade boundaries are available here.

Grade boundaries for past examinations are held on the 'Results Statistics' area of our website.

L Post-Results Services

Following the publication of results for each examination series, WJEC offers a range of post-results services including:

Clerical re-check - a re-check of clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result

Post-results review of marking - a review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly

Access to scripts – an electronic version of the script, either as a priority or non-priority service

Post-results review of moderation

Advice and guidance is available in the following documents:

WJEC Guide to Post Results Services

WJEC Post Results Services Fees and Deadlines

WJEC Quick Guide to Post Results Services

JCQ Post Results Services

WJEC follows the same procedures in January as the JCQ procedures for the June and November series.

If you wish to submit an application for a review or apply for access to scripts, centres can do this online via WJEC's secure website.

If private candidates have concerns about their examination results and wish to make an application for a review or if they wish to apply for access to scripts, they should contact their entering centre for advice. Private candidates may also apply to WJEC directly by requesting an application form from prsresults@wjec.co.uk

L Appeals

WJEC follows the JCQ processes on appeals as documented in the JCQ 'Guide to the awarding bodies' appeals processes'.

Our 'Appeals – A guide for centres' document outlines WJEC's processes for appeals concerning enquiries about results, malpractice, access arrangements, special consideration and other examination and assessment administrative decisions.


During Exams

Our 'During the Examinations' pages provides help and guidance to examinations officers on issues and potential difficulties which can occur during each examination series. The information is available here here.

Reviews of marking – centre assessed marks

For the June 2018 series onwards, all learners must be provided with the marks of their centre-marked assessments and be able to request a review of the centre's marking prior to marks being submitted to WJEC.

JCQ regulations have been updated accordingly, and notices regarding reviews of marking have been issued.  Frequently Asked Questions are included in the JCQ document 'Notice to centres – informing candidates of their centre assessed marks'

Malpractice and Whistleblowing

If you believe that you have witnessed malpractice in examinations or assessments, please review the information on our malpractice page and contact us immediately.

WJEC follows the JCQ processes on Malpractice as documented in the JCQ "Suspected Malpractice in Examinations and Assessments" guide.

Our Malpractice - "A Guide for Centres" document outlines WJEC processes and provides advice and guidance.


WJEC Final and provisional timetables can be found on our Key Dates and Timetables page.

WJEC secure website

The WJECs secure website (available only to examination centres and for which separate registration is required) offers a range of additional materials, including past papers free of charge, and enables exam officers to conduct certain online transactions.

JCQ Guidance

A wide range of documentation relating to common administrative processes across all general qualification awarding bodies can be found on the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) website.

Exam Officer Support

There are membership organisations that offer support to exams officers.

International Examination Officers' Association  

The Exams Office 

Wales Centre Support Team

Qualifications Wales's Centre Support Team are a regionally-based team who maintain close relationships with examination officers, teachers and SLT in centres in Wales.

Unitised Specifications - GCSE

Video explaining entry and re-sit rules for GCSE unitised specifications:
Unitised Specifications - GCSE video

GCSE Directory