GCSE English Language teachers
GCSE English Language teachers – resources to support home-learning

In our latest blog, English Language Subject Officer, Guy Melhuish offers home-learning advice and guidance to support you deliver effective teaching remotely.


The unprecedented announcement of a cancelled summer series has meant that everyone involved in the world of education and qualifications has had to adapt to working remotely from home to continue supporting learners and teachers alike. The prospect of trying to deliver virtual lessons with downloadable content for students to access while in a situation of lockdown is certainly challenging, but not insurmountable. During a period where additional screen-time is necessary, it is essential to re-familiarise yourself with our public and secure websites.

Whether your school delivers GCSE English Language as a one- or two-year course, information and resources for all three units can be accessed via the subject landing page found here. This webpage is an invaluable area on our website to find documents, resources, and important dates related to the qualification. As well as locating the specification and SAMs (specimen assessment materials) under key documents, there is also a Guidance for Teaching and a range of past papers and mark schemes to use with students. The Guidance for Teaching contains an amplification for teaching section for every form of assessment used with Oracy, Reading and Writing where interactive resources follow for use with students. This key document was amended in 2019 to ensure that it stayed relevant following the four examination series that had occurred since the qualification was accredited in 2015.

The subject landing page also has a link to our Digital Resources site, where you can find three sets of additional SAMs containing a range of teaching and learning activities. Finally, there is a link to the OER (online examination review site), which contains a range of responses (high, middle and low) to each of the questions that have appeared on both examination units from June and November in 2017, 2018 and 2019. This is especially useful when providing constructive feedback to your students following mock examinations involving these papers.

Depending on when your school completes Unit 1: Oracy, you will find guidance on task setting and NEA administration on both our public and secure websites. The first Oracy task is the individual researched presentation, which can be completed at any time during the course and is based on one of five very broad themes as outlined in the specification. The second task is the responding and interacting group discussion, which is based on one of three stimulus materials released by us in the September of the academic year in which the qualification is sat. Examples of the 2017-2019 stimulus materials can be found on our English Language webpage (under the Past Papers tab).    

Our Secure Website is where you will find the 2020 stimulus materials for Unit 1: Oracy, Task 2. Alongside this document is a copy of the record keeping mark sheet as well as general guidance on task setting and administration of both tasks. The annual standardisation material in the form of candidate recordings with a commentary from the Principal Moderator can be located under the CPD tab where it is also possible to find examination review material for Unit 2 and Unit 3. 


Guy Melhuish

Subject Officer GCSE English Language in Wales

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