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WJEC congratulates students from Wales, England and Northern Ireland

Today, over 5.4 million GCSE results will be issued by the major awarding bodies. WJEC awarded over 660,000 results to over 3,300 centres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. WJEC has also provided over 15,000 Welsh Baccalaureate results to candidates in Wales. WJEC represents just over 12% of the total UK GCSE entries with over 28% of all English Language GCSEs now taken with WJEC.

The number of GCSEs taken across the UK increased 1.2% to just over 5.4 million with stability seen in the UK results overall when compared with last year. Grade A* and grades A* to A both saw a marginal decline of 0.1%, to 6.6% and 21.2% respectively, with a small 0.2% increase seen at grades A*-C to 69.0%.

In Wales, 66.6% of entries were awarded A*-C, showing stability in comparison with 2014.   There have been improvements in the proportion of A*-C grades awarded in a number of subjects, including:

  • English Language (up 1.7% to 59.7%)
  • Science (up 1.7% to 57.5%)
  • Additional Science (up 1.1% to 70.4%)
  • Welsh 1st Language (up 1.2% to 73.9%)
  • Welsh 2nd Language (up 1.7% to 79.4%)

In Wales, 51.0% of 16 year olds took Mathematics in November 2014. When these are combined with the summer 2015 outcomes,, , there has been an improvement in the proportion of A*-C grades awarded from 2013-14 to 2014-15 academic years of 1.2% to 62.8%.

89.4% of candidates achieved the Welsh Baccalaureate Intermediate Core Certificate, with 82.2% of candidates being awarded the Welsh Baccalaureate Intermediate Diploma.

86.7% of candidates achieved the Welsh Baccalaureate Foundation Core Certificate with 85.0% of candidates achieving the Welsh Baccalaureate Foundation Diploma.

Gareth Pierce, WJEC Chief Executive: "Congratulations to all students. The continued stability in outcomes, with some improvements at A*-C, is a reflection of the ongoing hard work and dedication of students and their teachers."

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