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Qualifications Wales announcement

This morning Qualifications Wales announced their decision to defer the introduction of the new GCSE History and GCSE Religious Studies for first teaching from September 2016 to September 2017. Their decision takes account of perspectives conveyed by teachers regarding the significance of some aspects of the reforms in these two subjects.  

WJEC fully supports Qualification Wales' decision, and recognises that this is in the best interest of learners and teachers.  WJEC agrees with Qualification Wales' view on the core considerations that underpin this decision:

  • additional time will be invaluable for ensuring that the new History specification provides the best possible approach for learners, including in those parts of the course where an integrated Welsh perspective is being introduced 
  • deferral to September 2017 allows sufficient time to ensure that the perspectives of faith groups are taken fully into account in the development of the new Religious Studies specification

WJEC will continue to progress the substantial work that is being undertaken to provide teaching and learning materials for the reformed qualifications to all schools in Wales.  Furthermore, WJEC will work closely with Qualifications Wales, consortia and school practitioners to provide additional support such as CPD, resources and advice to the small number of schools not currently teaching the legacy WJEC specification in one or both of these subjects.

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