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GCSE English and English Language - Update


In its second report on GCSE English and English Language in 2012 (issued 2nd November 2012) Ofqual stated that awarding bodies must:

  • not issue grades, or other information about aggregate performance, for any assessments undertaken in January 2013;
  • grade January and June 2013 written papers and controlled assessments at the same time in summer 2013.

Ofqual has today imposed a special condition on awarding bodies requiring them to put in place the arrangements outlined above.

WJEC is therefore able to confirm that, for January 2013 GCSE English and English Language:

• external written papers (Units 1 and 2) and controlled assessments (Units 3 and 4) will continue to be available for candidates in all centres;
• we will provide raw marks only for external assessment;
• we will provide moderated raw marks only for controlled assessments ;
• we will provide moderator reports;
• we will not award grades or uniform marks (UMS);
• results for January “cash in” entries submitted to WJEC will be issued in August;
• the GCSE terminal rule and resit rule will apply for both January “cash-ins” and June “cash-ins”;
• subject to fulfilling the terminal rule in each case, candidates may “cash-in” in both January and June, and thus receive two separate results;
• post results services will be available in March and in August. A centre may only access each service once in relation to a particular candidate's assessment;
• GCSE English Literature is unaffected by the regulatory decision. 

We understand that in some cases centres may wish to reconsider their entries for the January session: should this be the case, withdrawal free of charge is available until 1st December. We ask that notification of any changes in entries is submitted to us as soon as possible, using one of the WJEC approved methods, in order that we can finalise arrangements for printing and despatch. Despatch arrangements will ensure that the relevant question papers and associated resource material are in centres from 7th January 2013.

WJEC as always will do everything it can to support centres and candidates.  Should you have any questions, please contact the GCSE English team: gcseenglish@wjec.co.uk