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Private Candidates

Private Candidates are defined as those who pursue a course of study independently but take an examination or assessment at an approved WJEC examination centre (school or college). A private candidate is therefore responsible for making appropriate arrangements with such a centre that is prepared to;
(a) make the necessary examination accommodation available and;
(b) assess and authenticate any centre-based components.

Detailed information relating to the procedures for private candidates can be found in the booklet "Information for Private Candidates".

Some specifications have controlled assessment, which have particular implications for private candidates since candidates will need to find a centre at which to sit the controlled assessment.  It is important that private candidates make these arrangements before starting their studies, because WJEC can only accept entries for candidates who have an arrangement with a centre to accommodate all aspects of the relevant examination, including controlled assessment where appropriate. The type of controlled assessment and the length and number of sessions will vary according to subject.

 Specifications that involve controlled assessment are not available to private candidates unless they can find a centre willing to supervise, authenticate and mark the controlled assessment.

Further details of controlled assessment for private candidates are available via the Ofqual website