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Working with Others - Key Skills

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About This Qualification 

The primary aim of this qualification is to help candidates focus on what they must to in order to adhere to their personal responsibilities and introduce the principles of co-operative working with one or more people in order to achieve shared objectives. 

Candidates are required to work towards shared objectives, work cooperatively and have regard for others whether they are working one-to-one or deem themselves to be part of a group or team.

The standards include two different types of skills:

  • process skills (e.g. planning, organising tasks, reviewing progress)
  • interpersonal skills (e.g. responding appropriately to the views and feelings of others, offering support and encouragement, helping to resolve conflict)

Further development helps enable candidates to select and apply skills learnt to various situations and contexts. The standards can also be used to help individuals make connections with less familiar contexts and develop their ability to progress to higher levels of competence.

Continuing Professional Development

There is a regular programme of Continuing Professional Development courses delivered by senior examiners and teachers of the course. Please view the CPD pages on the website. 

For further information, please contact:

Bryan Davies - Head of Key Skills unit 
Tel: 029 2026 5100 / 5172 / 5032 / 5382
E-mail: bryan.davies@wjec.co.uk

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