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Problem Solving - Key Skills

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The aim of this Key Skill is to encourage candidates to develop and demonstrate their ability to tackle problems systematically, for the purpose of working towards their solution and learning from this process. The Standards are most appropriate to three types or combinations of problems:

  • Diagnostic problems that depend primarily on analysis to arrive at conclusions, e.g. action to correct or improve a system
  • Design problems that depend mainly on synthesis to create a product or process, whether physical, social or abstract
  • Contingency problems that typically involve resource planning and gaining the cooperation of others, e.g. when organising an event

Further development helps enable candidates to select and apply skills learnt to various situations and contexts. The standards can also be used to help individuals make connections with less familiar contexts and develop their ability to progress to higher levels of competence.

There is a regular programme of INSET Professional Development delivered by principal moderators and Key Skills practitioners. Further details can be found by accessing the INSET Professional Development pages.

For further information, contact:

Head of Key Skills unit - Bryan Davies
Tel:    029 2026 5100/5172/5032/5382
Email: bryan.davies@wjec.co.uk

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