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Extended Project Level 3

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Our revised Level 3 Extended Project Qualification (available from September 2015) is available to learners in England and Wales as a free-standing qualification (it is also a component of the Technical Baccalaureate in England). Following centres' feedback, we have made changes to the marking criteria so that it is more robust and also streamlined the Extended Project File forms to keep administration to a minimum.

The Extended Project Qualification provides students with an opportunity to carry out an in depth study, based on personal interest, or an aspect of a subject they are studying or may wish to study at university. The Extended Project may be based on a variety of formats and contexts, e.g. a dissertation, a field investigation, an artefact or a performance. Learners are supported throughout the process by a supervisor and a teaching and learning programme, which will empower them with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success.

The qualification offers centres flexible timetabling options. Learners will have more choice over their studies than ever and an opportunity to develop useful transferable skills, highly valued in higher education and employment . The flexible nature of the qualification also encourages cross-curricular activities providing opportunities for collaboration between faculties and departments within the centres.

The Extended Project qualification will be available for the June series only for all centres.

Why choose WJEC for the Extended Project?

Latest News

WJEC introduces e-portfolio for Extended Project

Special Rate for our CPD events planned for Autumn 2016

Key Documents

Please also see Related Documents for further guidance materials.

Grade Boundaries (UMS / Raw Marks) 

Raw/UMS grade boundaries

Information on how raw marks are converted to uniform marks (UMS).

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD events are planned for Autumn 2016. £105 per course (special rate due to introduction of the new e-portfolio platform).

Course Aims:

Course is aimed at both new and existing centres to:

  • Introduce and provide guidance for the revised Extended Project specification
  • Review of Principal Moderator's report
  • Provide guidance on assessment and WJEC resources
  • Provide guidance and share good practice on finalising and approving project titles
  • Provide an overview and training on the e-portfolio website (online submission of projects)


September 29, 2016 – Manchester
October 6, 2016 – Exeter
October 13, 2016 – Cardiff
October 20, 2016 - London

For further information, please contact:

Glenda Kinsey
Extended Project Qualification Manager

Telephone: 029 2026 5348
Email: glenda.kinsey@wjec.co.k

Tania Lucas
Subject Support Officer
Telephone: 029 2026 5343
Email: tania.lucas@wjec.co.uk

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