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Home Economics - Child Development Levels:

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The specification is designed to give candidates an opportunity to extend and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding of the development and care of children from conception to the age of five years. It promotes an understanding of the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child which is inter-linked through the study of the family, community and the responsibilities of parenthood.

NEW: WJEC linear GCSE Home Economics (Child Development) approved

In common with other awarding organisations, WJEC was recently asked to revise GCSE specifications to make the assessment linear.

We are pleased to announce that the WJEC linear GCSE specification in Home Economics (Child Development) has been approved by the regulators.

The subject content remains exactly the same. The only difference is that in linear specifications all examinations must be taken at the end of course. You may view the revised specification here.

Main points:

ALL centres in England will be required to use linear GCSE specifications from first award in 2014 (first teaching of two-year courses in September 2012).

In Wales, centres will be able to choose to follow either of the two options available for courses starting from September 2012:

  • linear specifications (first award summer 2014), where candidates sit all their examinations at the end of the course
  • existing unitised specifications where assessment may be taken in separate units at stages during the course as is currently the case

The Principal Examiners' report, providing feedback on the summer 2013 series of examinations, is now available. Centres are advised to read the report carefully as it provides helpful observations and commentary on the work produced for this series and can assist teachers in preparing their students for the next series of examinations.

Key Documents

Controlled Assessment

Child Development: These tasks are live for any candidates completing the controlled assessment tasks from September 2013 to June 2015.

Unit 2 - Child Study (30%) 

Candidates will complete one investigative task chosen from the following bank of tasks. The task must focus on a child 0-5 years and the time allocation for this task is 15 hours.

  1. Every child experiences a wide range of physical development during early childhood. Undertake a study of a young child to research this area of development.
  2. The emotional and social development of a child is closely linked to both the nature and nurture of the child. Undertake a study of a young child to research these areas of development.
  3. Numeracy and verbal skills begin to develop in early childhood. Undertake a study of a young child to research these areas of development.

Unit 3: Child Focused Task (30%)

Candidates will complete one task chosen from the following two tasks. The task must be aimed at children 0-5 years and the time allocation for this task is 15 hours.

  1. Socialisation is an important aspect of children growing up within the family. Identify and investigate a range of social skills which can be acquired within the home. Plan and make an item that will help a child achieve a social skill.
  2. Introducing young children to a variety of foods is important to ensure a healthy and varied diet later in life. Identify and investigate foods from other cultures that may be introduced into a child's diet. Plan and make a selection of foods that will add variety to the diet of a young child.


  • Past papers and marking schemes are available free of charge to teaching staff on our Secure Website.
  • Presentation explaining the use of item level data from WJEC examinations.
  • Further resources are available through our Online Shop.

Continuing Professional Development

Internal assessment standardising CPD training is available here.

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