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About this qualification

WJEC offers a four unit course at GCE with an enquiry based approach to fieldwork at both AS and A2. It is a popular course enjoyed by learners in centres all over England and Wales for a number of reasons. The specification encourages students to understand a global world, its complex challenges and such issues as climate change, shifts in economic power, poverty and deprivation and sustainability. It also provides progression from either GCSE Geography A or GCSE Geography B. Face-to-face CPD and online training is offered and there is a high level of support by WJEC staff.

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Latest News

A level developments

England: Following the earlier postponement of the revision of geography qualifications, DfE has now formally announced that new A level Geography specifications will be developed for first teaching in England from September 2016, first award in 2018. The new AS level will have the first award in 2017. New GCSE Geography specifications will be developed to the same timetable.

Draft A level geography criteria will be published by DfE in July for consultation. These should be finalised towards the end of 2014; WJEC will use these to develop new specifications. We plan to hold CPD events to support these from the autumn of 2015.

Wales: Developments in Wales are expected to be to a similar time line. We will let you know when further details are available.

WJEC will be producing qualifications at both GCE and GCSE levels which meet the regulatory requirements of each country.

April 2014

 WJEC are delighted to have sponsored the FSC lecture on the future assessment of fieldwork at the annual GA conference in Guildford. Please find the starter activity and presentation (which includes detailed notes).

This year’s annual Geographical Association Conference and Exhibition was held at the University of Surrey.

More than 700 delegates from around the world attended this event, to share the latest ideas, resources and support in primary and secondary geography education.

March 2014

Here is the June 2014 G4 Pre release booklet

The Principal Examiners’ Report providing feedback on the January 2014 series of examinations, is now available. Centres are advised to read the report carefully as it provides helpful observation and commentary on the work produced for this series and can assist teachers in preparing their students for the next series of examinations.

Question papers and mark schemes - Publication policy.

A useful new online exam feedback is now available for Summer 2013, search under Geography GCE, At present G1, G2, G3B and G4 are available. We will notify you of the others as they become available.

There is also another useful link to WJEC resources which will also store digital education resources for Geography.  

October 2013

The G3B topics and titles for 2015 are now available

Powerpoint: using the item level data.

G3B Important note – re-sit candidates:

This WJEC circular was sent to Centres in July 2012. This concerns candidates who wish to re-sit the G3B examination. They must study the prescribed topic for the year in which they take the examination. It also notes that the correct, current topics must be used.

July 2013

Face-to-face continuing professional development is limited to internal assessment standardising in relevant subjects in the coming academic year. Examination review will be provided online; a presentation giving details of this provision is now available on the website.


 WJEC Resources website

Teaching Resources now available on the new WJEC resources website. Use links below: 

Useful websites

Some useful networking sites that may be of help to teachers are:

Uniform Marks (UMS)

Information on how raw marks are converted to uniform marks may be found in the following document - Uniform Marks.

Here is a link to the UMS/Raw mark comparison and Grade boundaries

For further information, please contact:

Alison Doogan - Geography Subject Officer
Tel: 029 2026 5158

Steve James - Geography Subject Support Officer 
Tel: 029 2026 5029

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