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Economics Levels:

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This specification provides students with a coherent combination of micro and macro content. It allows students to critically explore a range of economic issues and draw on data from local, national and international sources. The specification provides a suitable foundation for the study of economics or a related area in a range of higher education courses. 

The specification is divided into a total of four externally assessed units.

GCE Economics Specification

WJEC offers a variety of learning resources, including specimen assessment materials and teachers' guides.

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Grade Boundaries

Raw/UMS grade boundaries January 2014  are now available.

Principal Examiners' Report

The Principal Examiners' report provides feedback on the January 2014 series of examinations.

Centres should read the report carefully as it provides helpful observations and commentary on the work produced for this series and can assist teachers in preparing students for the next series of examinations.

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development materials, including exemplar material, and support materials are now available on the secure website.

The GCE Economics summer 2013 Online Exam Review is now available.

Further information about WJEC'S CPD programme is available from Continuing Professional Development.


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