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Entry Level is for students who may have not reached Level 3 at the end of Key Stage 3 and for whom GCSE or GNVQ may be inappropriate, for a variety of reasons.

The main features of Entry Level qualifications are:

  • Appropriately structured assessment programmes
  • Specifications supported by stimulating and attractive resources
  • A clear feedback system for pupils and teachers
  • Teachers actively incolved as course producers and assessors
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses

Most specifications are co-teachable with their GCSE equivalents and fit into the National Qualifications Framework.


Entry Level Current Specification Update

WJEC has retained the following Entry Level specifications in line with the National Curriculum in England and prior to the results of the Qualification review in Wales.

Performance Points

The Department for Education has recently revised the criteria which must be met for qualifications to attract performance points. Unfortunately, for the 2014 performance measure, all Entry Level qualifications and those at Level 1 which have no direct links to a Level 2 qualification will not be included in these tables after 2013.

This applies only to centres in England

Entry Level Certificates are included in Performance Tables in Wales as follows:

  • Entry 3 - 14 points
  • Entry 2 - 12 points
  • Entry 1 - 10 points

Replacement qualifications for Entry Level discontinued specifications are Entry Pathways.


Entry Level Administration Section
Telephone: 029 2026 5128

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