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WJEC provides a range of qualifications for Wales: GCE AS/A levels; GCSEs; vocational Pathway qualifications, from entry level to levels 3 and 4; Essential Skills Wales; the Project and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

Bilingual print and digital resources are available to support teachers in delivering these qualifications: there are specifications, assessment materials and interactive online Teachers' Guides on relevant subject pages. A new online resources website is also in production, on which we welcome users’ feedback.

Personal advice from subject specialists and administrative colleagues is also available.

General qualifications enquiries:

We will provide details of the changes as soon as they are available; teachers may sign up to subject-specific e-mail updates on subject pages to be kept informed.

WJEC in Wales

The Department for Education and Skills has confirmed that, for teaching from September 2015, there will be new GCSEs in English Language, Welsh and Mathematics, which will reflect and support the improvements expected from the Literacy and Numeracy Framework.

Details of GCE qualifications in Wales, including the wider structure of AS and A levels, are expected from the DfES during the 2013 summer term.

WJEC has been working closely with teachers, examiners and colleagues in higher education to prepare for the changes. We are fully engaged with the Welsh Government and other stakeholders in ensuring that we provide young people with world class qualifications valued and recognised by employers and universities in Wales and beyond.

GCE January Resit Opportunity in 2014 for Centres outside England

The Welsh Government has recently confirmed that it wishes to ensure the GCE January 2014 examination series is available only to candidates who started a GCE programme of study in that subject during the 2012-13 academic year or earlier.

In the light of this approach, WJEC can confirm that candidates commencing a GCE programme of study in September 2013 are not eligible for entry to the GCE January 2014 units. Any candidates taking the January 2014 resit opportunity must “cash-in” these units no later than summer 2014.

14-19 Qualifications Review in Wales

WJEC is eager to engage fully in the debate about 14-19 qualifications in Wales. We submitted a response to the consultation which took place in 2012, and will be setting out our viewpoint on the issues under discussion over the coming months.

We will add to the list of documents below as the debate continues.

17 May 2013: Cllr David Lewis, WJEC's Vice Chair and Acting Chair's letter to Leighton Andrews
15 May 2013: Leighton Andrews' letter to Cllr David Lewis, WJEC's Vice Chair and Acting Chair
10 May 2013: Cllr David Lewis, WJEC's Vice Chair and Acting Chair's letter to the Minister for Education and Skills, Leighton Andrews AM
10 May 2013: Gareth Pierce's follow-up letter to the Head of Qualifications and Regulation Division at Welsh Government
7 May 2013: Gareth Pierce's letter to Head of Qualifications and Regulation Division at Welsh Government
29 January 2013: WJEC comments on Welsh Government's response to 14-19 Qualifications Report
16 January 2013: Gareth Pierce's follow-up letter to Christine Chapman AM
11 January 2013: Gareth Pierce's letter to Christine Chapman AM 
10 January 2013: Article by Gareth Pierce for the Western Mail
28 November 2012: WJEC initial response to the 14-19 Qualifications Report
1 September 2012: WJEC submission to the consultation

Press enquiries

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