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14 December 2011

Ofqual have today announced changes to GCSE qualifications which will be of interest to schools registered with WJEC in England and in Wales.

Changes in England

Ofqual, regulator for qualifications in England, announced that they will introduce changes to GCSEs for candidates starting two-year courses in September 2012.

For awards in summer 2014 onwards, linear assessment will be compulsory for candidates in England. They will sit all their examinations at the end of their GCSE course, rather than having the possibility of taking them at different stages during the course as they do at present.

Further details of the changes are available on

GCSEs in Wales

In Wales, the Department for Education and Skills have confirmed that schools will be able to choose from two options from September 2012 onwards.
Either they will be able to enter candidates for the new linear qualifications, where they sit all their exams at the end of the course, as in England, or they can enter candidates for separate units taken at stages during the course as they do now.

England and Wales

In GCSE English literature, geography, history and religious studies, additional marks will be awarded for the accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar in questions that require extended answers in exam papers from January 2013 onwards.

WJEC will offer both linear and unitised GCSE specifications, and will therefore continue to meet the needs of both Wales and England across the full spectrum of our GCSE qualifications. The subject content of the current WJEC GCSE specifications will remain unchanged.

Revised specifications showing the new arrangements will be posted on the website once accredited by the regulators.  We will be advising teachers by email and post.  If you would like to receive a personal update, please sign up to receive information by e-mail on your subject qualification page.