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19 October 2011

Foundation, Higher and Extended Project

The Foundation, Higher and Extended Project qualifications saw a massive increase in the take-up in the last academic year. Schools and colleges are realising the benefits of these qualifications to their learners, not just as part of the Diploma or Welsh Baccalaureate but as a stand-alone qualification.

For centres delivering the qualifications for the first time, please note that project titles have to be approved by WJEC at least six months before the final submission. This means that for those aiming for the Summer 2012 Awards series, the deadline for project title approvals is on 30 November 2011. Please contact Tessa Gabriel-Davies on tel. no. 02920 265191 or by e-mail:

WJEC also has a FREE on-line training for teachers and supervisors to become Project Title Approvers for their centres. Please go to the Project/Extended Project for more details on this training.