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26 March 2010

WJEC Homepage


The structural changes are now complete, with only minor graphical amendments to be completed.

If you have any suggestions on further improving the WJEC public website, you're more than welcome to contact the Web Editor.

From 19 February 2010

A number of updates have been developed for WJEC's website recently, some that are already visible on the site and others that will be seen before long.


Documents, accessibility and a brand new section

The changes that are already live are ones that make it easier for you to find documents and accessibility modifications. The big change to come is the creation of a brand new section for teachers.

Finding documents

If you're searching for a particular document, we've changed the options you get to choose from in the documents section of each subject page. It'll be easier for you to get at your specific document now, as we've created separate listings for each separate type of document on each individual subject page.


We've also made a number of improvements to make the site more accessible – so that browsing the site is even easier for everyone. One of the main standards we use as a backbone to our web development is our commitment to reach the AA accessibility standard as set by the World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The improvements are part of the continuing efforts to be as accessible as possible.

Section for teachers

The most obvious change to come is the change in location of the "Professional Development" section. We'll be changing the site to create a section specifically for Teachers. A link to this new section that will appear on the main navigation before long – with that link taking the place of the current one to "Professional Development". "Professional Development" will then move to be within the new Teachers section. Access to WJEC courses on-line will remain exactly as it is now.

More information

If you have any questions, get in touch with Gwydion Gruffudd, Web Editor: