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This page has a list of subjects that have free GCE (General Certificate of Education) past papers available. Choosing a link will take you to the list of past papers available for that subject.

Availability of examination papers

Our examination papers may not be available as past papers - or may be available, but only of partial use - for various reasons:

  • Copyright issues may stop us from publishing an online version of the examination paper.
    Example: An English examination where we obtained the right to use a passage from a book for a question – but do not have the right to publish that passage online.
  • Some papers may depend on additional resource material that we don't have the right to publish online.
    Example: An Ordnance Survey map for a Geography examination.
  • Some papers may depend on additional material that would involve too great a drain on online resources to present.
    Example: A lengthy and high resolution video clip for a Media Studies exam past paper.
  • Past papers in general are only available for the 3 years noted in the publication policy.

In addition to the reasons above, we reserve the right to remove a past paper for any reason at any time.

Past papers

Should you wish to purchase a hard copy of the papers or other material such as marking schemes, you may do so in our online shop, or get in touch directly:

WJEC Bookshop, 245, Western Avenue, Cardiff, CF5 2YX

We welcome visitors to the bookshop, where we sell a range of bilingual greetings cards, Welsh-medium books and presents for children, in addition to resources to support the curriculum.

More details are on the WJEC on-line shop homepage.