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Welsh Second Language Levels:

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GCSE Welsh Second Language is a qualification that will develop candidates’ interest in Welsh and enthusiasm for the language. The aim is to develop their confidence when communicating effectively in Welsh and develop essential skills while undertaking practical tasks which fulfil the needs of candidates, employers and further education and develop the skills of candidates to make practical use of the language in order to communicate effectively, usefully and appropriately in the bilingual society of the twenty first century. There are two qualifications available; Welsh Second Language Full Course and Welsh Second Language Short Course.

Key Dates


Grade Boundaries (UMS / Raw Marks)

Please follow the link to grade boundary information.

Information on how raw marks are converted to uniform marks can be found in the following document - Uniform Marks.

Principal Examiners' Report

The Principal Examiners' report, providing feedback on the January 2014 series of examinations, is now available. Centres are advised to read the report carefully as it provides helpful observations and commentary on the work produced for this series, and can assist teachers in preparing their students for the next series of examinations.

Key Resources

General Information

Controlled Assessment (Unit 2)

The Controlled Assessment tasks for Unit 2 GCSE Welsh Second Language are available on WJEC's secure website. Tasks set by centres or adapted from the bank of exemplar tasks should be changed every two years and must be sent to WJEC before being used.

Submitting Controlled Assessment Tasks

The following forms must be submitted along with the controlled assessment tasks to the moderator by 5 May, 2014:

Oral Examination (Unit 3)

The sample should be sent as soon as possible after the examination in order to reach the moderator by Friday, 11 April 2014 at the latest. Moderator details can be viewed on the secure website once the marks have been submitted electronically. Teachers should ensure that the sample tests are on one CD and contain individual tracks.

Exercises and Specimen Papers

Here are revised versions of the GCSE Welsh Second Language and Welsh Second Language Applied 2011 examination papers and marking schemes, that correspond to the changes in the raw marks.

GCSE Welsh Second Language

Unit 1: These exercises are suitable for practising answering Question 3 (Foundation Tier)/Question 1 (Higher Tier).

These exercises are suitable for practising answering Question 4 (Foundation Tier)/Question 2 (Higher Tier) and Question 3 (Higher Tier).

Unit 3: Here is an example of a Unit 3 question that was provided in the GCSE Welsh Second Language Continuing Professional Development sessions during October 2011.

Unit 4: Here is an example of a Unit 4 examination paper, which was produced by a team of experienced teachers.

Unitised Specifications - GCSE

Video explaining entry and re-sit rules for GCSE unitised specifications:
Unitised Specification - GCSE Video

Item Level Data


Siân Llewelyn Jones - Subject Officer 
Telephone: 029 2026 5162

Katy Morris - Subject Support Officer
Telephone: 029 2026 5192

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