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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if I miss the deadline for requesting a modified paper?

A. Where it is not possible (due to time constraints) for WJEC to produce a modified paper, the WJEC may allow the paper in question to be enlarged within a centre (under secure conditions) up to 90 minutes to the scheduled start time of the examination. Approval (via AAO) must be received by the centre before-hand.

Q. What happens if a candidate's coursework is either partially or wholly accidentally lost or destroyed?

A. Centres are asked (in all circumstances) to submit a completed copy of JCQ/LCW FORM 15 to  Special Requirements at WJEC and to the moderator.

Q. What happens if a candidate attends for an examination with a temporary injury?

A. Centres may submit an application for a suitable access arrangement (scribe) using AAO. Centres may also wish to apply for Special Consideration if appropriate using the online system.

Q. We have several candidates with hearing and speech difficulties. What concessions can be given to these candidates when sitting MFL/Welsh 1st Lang/Welsh 2nd Lang “oral” or English “speaking and listening” examinations?

A. Candidates with substantial speech or hearing impairments may (through the examination centre) currently apply for an exemption from the speaking and listening and oral components of the above examinations. Any candidate exempted from such a component would have their grade enhanced but the certificate would contain an indicated endorsement for that subject.

Q. What are the minimum requirements for enhanced grading in cases of acceptable absence?

GCE 40% of the total assessment must be completed. 


  • For A Level linear specifications, a candidate must have completed a minimum of 40% of the total assessment.
  • For A Level unitised specifications, a candidate must have completed a minimum of 40% of the total assessment with at least one A2 unit.
  • An A Level award will not be issued on the basis of AS units alone.
  • Enhancement given at AS Level will be carried forward to A Level. 

GCSE 40% of the total assessment must be completed.  

Q. One of our candidates did not join our school until Year 11. As he was not at our school when the first of the two required pieces of coursework was completed, and has nothing from his previous school, he has only one piece for submission. We feel it would be unfair to ask him to complete a second piece due to time constraints. Is there anything we can do in terms of averaging marks so that he is not penalised for not being here?

A. Dispensation for reduced coursework can only be given if a candidate was subject to an unforseen illness/bereavement or other misfortune during the period when the work was produced. This does not include a candidate being entered for an examination at a later stage than would normally be the case.
No adjustment to marks should be made by a centre under any circumstances. Regrettably, no dispensation can be given in these cases.