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Here you will find information relating to the submission of candidate entries by examination centres, and links to key documents which give more detailed procedural instructions

Entry Procedures and Coding 2016-2017

Preliminary Entries

Preliminary Entries for GCE, GCSE and Functional Skills examinations should be submitted online via WJEC's secure website. The online system has been streamlined in order to make the process simpler for exam officers and ensure that the data submitted is as accurate as possible.

The facility to enter preliminary entries will be available from Monday 21st September 2016. The deadline for submission of these is 10th October.

GCE Preliminary Return 2017

GCSE Preliminary Return 2017

It is very important for all centres to submit preliminary entries. If you do not, you will not receive despatches of early examination materials, for example, instructions for practical examinations, when you require them, nor will you receive despatches of examination stationery.

Final Entries

Final Candidate Entries for all WJEC examinations can be submitted by any one of these two methods:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Through WJEC's secure website

Full details of all these procedures can be found in the Entries Procedures booklet which WJEC produces annually. This booklet can be downloaded below. 

The Entries Procedures booklet also contains full listings of entry codes and a wide range of other useful information. Exam Officers are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the details contained in this document.

Late Entries are those entries submitted after the stipulated closing dates. Late entries are much more demanding of awarding body resources and in most cases, additional fees are charged. Full details can be found in the examination fees document below.

NEW GCSE Linear Specifications (WJEC & Eduqas)

Please note for any NEW Linear specifications, there is only a requirement to enter one entry code.
This will automatically enter candidates for all relevant papers.

Legacy GCSE Linear Specifications in England (for teaching from September 2012)

All centres in England are now required to follow linear GCSE specifications with all units being assessed at the end of the course.

When making entries for the GCSE linear specifications in England, centres must use the appropriate cash-in codes. The changes to the codes are outlined below:

• SA (single award) is now LA (linear award)
• DA (double award) is now LD (linear double)
• SC (short course) is now LS (linear short)

The codes are available on the base data and are listed in the WJEC Entry Procedures and Coding Information document.

Centres should note that entries must be made for each unit a candidate is taking within the linear specification in addition to the linear qualification cash-in code.

Candidates wishing to improve their overall grade for the linear GCSE qualification will be required to re-enter all the units/components. If the candidate is satisfied with the previously awarded mark for controlled assessment, the mark can be carried forward as long as the work has been part of the moderation process (not necessarily part of the sample), has been aggregated and cashed-in previously. Centres are reminded that carry forward marks must not be placed on the Internal Assessment Mark Input System. Instead, centres should indicate carry forward by entering 'C' on the system. There is no need for this previously moderated work to be re-submitted to the moderator.

Very Late Entries

If centres are making entries that fall within the Very Late entry category, and are within a period of 2 working days of an examination, please email our despatch section (despatchqueries@wjec.co.uk)
This is to ensure papers reach centres within an appropriate timeframe for the examinations.

Changes to discount codes

The Department for Education (DfE) has made changes to the discount classification codes for qualifications that will count in the 2014 Key Stage 4 Performance tables in England. The revised codes and associated guidance are published on the RAISEonline website.

Summary of key changes
Some qualifications that previously had different discount codes now have the same code which means that only one of them will count in the performance measures. These subjects are grouped together in the Discount Codes 2014 document to illustrate the changes.

The WJEC subjects affected are:

• Applied Business Studies and Business Studies subjects
• Applied Science and Additional Applied Science subjects
• Art and Design subjects
• Catering and Hospitality subjects
• Drama and Performing Arts subjects
• Film Studies, Media Studies and Creative and Media subjects
• Leisure and Tourism and Travel and Tourism subjects
• Welsh Language subjects


For all administrative issues relating to entries, please do not hesitate to contact us as follows:


Telephone: 029 2026 5193

Catherine Chammings 
Telephone: 029 2026 5194

Lowri Evans
Telephone: 029 2026 5120

Amie Murtough 
Telephone: 029 2026 5052